Regular servicing is vital to keep your security system in working order

Prowler provides maintenance and repair service for CCTV System, Access Control System, Intercom, Display system &Wireless LAN Devices.

We are currently the CCTV term contractor for more than 60 MOE Schools in Singapore and also the term contractor for many commercial organizations.

We maintain a wide variety of security systems for homes and businesses in Singapore. Our repair and maintenance service is flexible, reliable and competitive. We make sure our prices are competitive too.

24 hour / 365 day response
All of our vehicles carry a wide range of spares to ensure minimum downtime
Experienced Engineers
Service report will be provided for tracking purpose
Online monitoring of system
Unlimited Onsite support
Unlimited Remote support

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Engaging a specialized contractor to maintain a security system can offer distinct advantages depending on the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Here are several reasons why opting for a specialized contractor may be preferable:

Expertise and Focus: Specialized contractors typically have a deep understanding and focus on specific areas of expertise, such as security systems. They often have specialized training, certifications, and experience in handling security-related technologies and challenges. This specialized knowledge equips them to effectively troubleshoot, maintain, and optimize security systems to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Industry Knowledge: Specialized contractors often have extensive experience working within specific industries or sectors. They understand the unique security requirements, regulations, and compliance standards that may apply to your organization. This industry knowledge enables them to tailor security solutions and maintenance plans to meet your specific needs while ensuring compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Access to Specialized Tools and Resources: Specialized contractors typically have access to specialized tools, software, and resources that may not be readily available to term contractors. These resources enable them to perform in-depth diagnostics, configuration adjustments, and system optimizations that are essential for maintaining the integrity and effectiveness of your security system.

Proactive Maintenance and Support: Specialized contractors often take a proactive approach to maintenance and support, anticipating potential issues before they escalate into larger problems. They may offer ongoing monitoring services, routine inspections, and proactive maintenance checks to identify and address vulnerabilities or performance issues early on. This proactive approach can help minimize downtime, reduce security risks, and optimize the overall performance of your security system.

Depth of Experience: Specialized contractors typically have a depth of experience working with a wide range of security technologies, systems, and configurations. They have likely encountered and resolved a variety of security-related challenges, allowing them to draw upon their experience to quickly diagnose and resolve issues that may arise with your security system.

Long-Term Relationship and Support: Building a long-term relationship with a specialized contractor can provide continuity and consistency in your security maintenance efforts. Specialized contractors familiarize themselves with your organization’s unique security needs, infrastructure, and operational requirements over time, allowing them to provide more personalized and effective support.

A Security Service Provider licence is required if you carry out any of the following activities:

a. Install, maintain, repair or service, by physical or electronic means:

           i.    any security equipment in any premises or any vehicle, vessel, aircraft or other means of conveyance; or

          ii.    any mechanical, electronic, acoustic or other equipment that the person installing, maintaining, repairing or servicing the equipment purports to be equipment that is designed or adapted to provide or enhance security or for the protection or watching of any property;


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