Value Series Face Access Terminal

  • Max.1500 faces capacity, Max.3000 fingerprints capacity, and Max.3000 cards
  • Face Recognition Terminal, 4.3-inch LCD touch screen,2 Mega pixel wide-angle lens,Built-in Mifare card reading module
  • Two-way audio with client software, indoor station, and main station; Supports TCP/IP, Wi-Fi
  • Supports ISAPI, ISUP5.0
  • Configuration via the web client
  • Face Recognition Distance: 0.3 m to 1.5 m
  • Duration < 0.2 s/User
  • Accuracy rate ≥ 99%
  • Supports mask recognition


Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

The DS-K1T342MFWX is equipped with a cutting-edge facial recognition system that is both fast and highly accurate. This system can identify individuals in less than 0.2 seconds and boasts an accuracy rate of over 99%. This modern tech can accommodate a maximum of 1500 face profiles, making it perfect for large businesses or high-traffic areas.

Versatile Multi-Mode Identification System

Beyond its impressive face-recognition technology, this terminal also includes a built-in Mifare card reading module and a fingerprint recognition system with a capacity of 3000 impressions. The simultaneous face, card, and fingerprint identification options offer flexibility in managing your security needs.

Seamless Communication and Connectivity

The DS-K1T342MFWX is not just a recognition device but a communication hub, featuring two-way audio compatibility with client software, indoor stations, and main stations. Its connectivity is equally impressive with support for TCP/IP and Wi-Fi, ensuring ease of integration into any system network.

“Cutting-Edge Face Recognition Device”

“Multipurpose Fingerprint, Face, and Card Terminal”

“The Future of Security: DS-K1T342MFWX”

“Advanced Multi-Mode Security Terminal”

“High Capacity Security Access Terminal”